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Welcome to the TKS support section. Here you'll find helpful downloads such as setup and
installation guides, product manuals, and rate information.

 TitleCategoryModified Date 
ARRIS connections | 602setup guide2/5/2014Download
ARRIS connections | GT862setup guide12/13/2012Download
ARRIS connections | WTM652setup guide2/5/2014Download
ARRIS voicemail & feature guideuser guide10/13/2014Download
ARRIS WLAN setup | GT862setup guide1/31/2014Download
ARRIS WLAN setup | WTM652user guide2/5/2014Download
Edimax HP-5101setup guide9/20/2016Download
Edimax HP-5101ESsetup guide9/20/2016Download
Edimax HP-5101Wnsetup guide9/20/2016Download
FRITZ!Box 7170 initial setupsetup guide4/9/2014Download
FRITZ!Box 7170 WLANsetup guide4/9/2014Download
FRITZ!Box 7330 initial setupsetup guide4/9/2014Download
FRITZ!Box 7330/7360 WLANsetup guide4/9/2014Download
FRITZ!Box 7360 initial setupsetup guide4/9/2014Download
FRITZ!Box 7490 [CABLE]setup guide4/5/2016Download
FRITZ!Box 7490 [DSL]setup guide4/5/2016Download
FRITZ!Box push serviceuser guide4/1/2014Download
FRITZ!Box voicemail & feature guideuser guide10/13/2014Download
Speedport W100 Wi-Fi repeatersetup guide4/2/2014Download
easyMobile 4G|LTE with GigaPass
 TitleCategoryModified Date 
easyMobile LTE plansvoice | data11/29/2017Download
easyMobile data plans (National)data11/29/2017Download
easyMobile data plans (International)data11/29/2017Download
International ratesvoice | data11/29/2017Download
International country listvoice | data11/29/2017Download
Optionsvoice | data11/29/2017Download
Roaming optionsvoice | data11/29/2017Download
easyMobile 4G|LTE [ending 30 Nov 2017]
 TitleCategoryModified Date 
easyMobile LTE plansvoice | data8/17/2017Download
easyMobile LTE Data (National)data8/17/2017Download
easyMobile LTE Data (International)data10/24/2017Download
International ratesvoice | data2/7/2018Download
International country list voice | data7/3/2017Download
Optionsvoice | data11/29/2017Download
Roaming optionsvoice | data11/29/2017Download
easyMobile 3G • Vodafone CallYa • WebSessions
 TitleCategoryModified Date 
easyMobile 3G plansvoice | data7/3/2017Download
easyMobile 3G data plansdata7/3/2017Download
International Dialing Ratesvoice2/28/2014Download
Roaming Rates | Vodafonevoice | data6/13/2017Download
Roaming Rates | 02voice | data6/13/2017Download
International Roaming (Light Plan)voice | data2/16/2017Download
Roaming Options | Vodafoneoptions 6/9/2016Download
Roaming Options | O2options6/9/2016Download
Data Roaming Cost Controldata1/31/2014Download
easyMobile Prepaidprepaid7/14/2014Download
easyMobile Budget 50prepaid5/4/2015Download
CallYa Smartphone Special | Vodafoneprepaid5/18/2017Download
CallYa Allnet Flatprepaid6/2/2017Download
CallYa Optionsprepaid5/18/2017Download
CallYa Roamingprepaid5/3/2016Download
CallYa Voicemail Guideprepaid | instructional6/9/2016Download
Vodafone WebSessions Ratesprepaid5/18/2017Download
 TitleCategoryModified Date 
easyTV | initial setupsetup guide5/23/2014Download
easyTV | initial setup [off-base]setup guide11/19/2014Download
easyTV DVR (external hard drive)user guide10/24/2016Download
easyTV flex | quickstart guideuser guide7/13/2016Download
easyTV mobile | PC clientuser guide10/19/2015Download
FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 310setup guide11/19/2014Download
Speedport W100 Wi-Fi repeatersetup guide4/2/2014Download
TKS Internet Setup
 TitleCategoryModified Date 
D-Link DSL 360Tdevice setup1/31/2009Download
Edimax CV-7428nSdevice setup7/27/2015Download
Edimax HP-5101ACdevice setup7/27/2015Download
Edimax HP-5101Wndevice setup7/27/2015Download
FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 310setup guide11/19/2014Download
LevelOne WBR 3408device setup8/26/2009Download
LevelOne WBR 3460device setup8/26/2009Download
LevelOne WBR 3600device setup8/26/2009Download
Macintosh OS XDSL setup11/24/2009Download
Microlink DSL + 1100 LANdevice setup1/31/2009Download
Speedport 200 + 201device setup1/16/2012Download
Speedport W100 Wi-Fi repeatersetup guide11/19/2014Download
Speedport W303Vdevice setup9/7/2009Download
Speedport W700Vdevice setup1/31/2009Download
Speedport W701Vdevice setup1/31/2009Download
TP-Link WLAN Routermanual9/23/2011Download
Windows 7DSL setup11/26/2009Download
Windows VistaDSL setup11/26/2009Download
Windows XPDSL setup4/15/2010Download
Windows XP / 2000 / ME / 98dial-up1/26/2010Download
TKS email
 TitleCategoryModified Date 
Windows Mail - Vistasetup guide11/24/2009Download
Outlook - Express / 2000 / 2003setup guide1/26/2010Download
Outlook - 2007setup guide11/24/2009Download
Mobile setup & support
 TitleCategoryModified Date 
CallYa voicemailinstuctional8/15/2014Download
T-Mobile web'n'walk box IVsetup guide12/14/2010Download
T-Mobile web'n'walk sticksetup guide12/14/2010Download
Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi (R216)setup guide11/22/2016Download
Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi (R218)setup guide7/3/2017Download
Vodafone USB speed 6 (K5160)setup guide11/22/2016Download
Vodafone WebSessions Stickinstructional5/14/2012Download
Vodafone WebSessions Sticksetup guide4/18/2011Download

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