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UPDATED: 2020.11.03

A message from TKS CEO Karl-Heinz Stahl

The COVID-19 pandemic is an ongoing situation that will require everyone’s cooperation and will to work together in reducing its spread and impact. At TKS, our continued and ongoing mission is to serve the military community, providing quality products and essential services to service members and their families – especially during this time of adversity.

And although the future still holds many challenges and uncertainties, I remain hopeful. For example, the reopening of our TKS shops is an encouraging development that will provide customers with both convenience and also a certain amount of day-to-day “normalcy” – something that we can all use right now!

Even though our shops have reopened, we will extend the deployment of additional resources and personnel at our customer service hotline. We are very pleased and encouraged by your response and feedback and will continue in making it easier than ever to get connected with TKS, while staying at home.

I am also encouraged by the ongoing partnership and cooperation that we have with local military leadership, the Exchange, and with service members in all of the communities that we serve. Stay safe and thank you for your support.

Karl-Heinz Stahl
CEO, TKS Telepost Kabel-Service Kaiserslautern GmbH

TKS has proudly served the U.S. military community for over 25 years. And now more than ever, we remain committed to serving you.


Quarantine relief for newcomers

July 24, 2020 – If you’ve just arrived and are trying to get settled here in Germany, reach out to us over the phone and let us get you connected. It doesn’t matter if you are in quarantine, or if you just can’t travel right now, that’s no problem. TKS is making it easier than ever for you to get services remotely.

When you call, a TKS service representative would be glad to provide you with a personalized consultation, find the plans that meet your budget and your needs, and then get you connect right over the phone. In many cases, we’ll be able to get you connected on the very same day.

Sign up for service over the phone

TKS signup line: +49 631 3522 4991

Learn more

TKS shops are open

June 24, 2020 – TKS shops are open and are ready to serve you. Please visit our “shops” page to find the TKS shop near you along with our current hours of operation.

TKS shops

Billing & Payments

For the time being, it will not be possible to make in-person payments at a TKS shop. If you used to pay at a shop, we ask that you switch over to online payments instead. To get started, click on "myTKS" in the main navigation bar and then on "register". Then simply follow the on-screen instructions to create a free customer account with access to your online payment manager.

For TKS customers that already use our online payment system nothing has changed, please continue making your online payments as before.

Need help with online payments?

Check out our TKS customer guides.

How to login and make online payments

payment guide

How to create and pay with a payment alias

alias guide

How to use an alias as automated payment

automated payments

  • 1Standard dialing rates to the German fixed network apply.

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