BOSS Entertainment

Television and internet for single service members

Available in Germany exclusively for single service members

If you have the need for speed, activate your service now and you'll be online and watching TV in minutes. There’s no waiting, no fuss, and no additional gear is required. Get connected right here with BOSS Entertainment, the power pack for single service members stationed in Germany.

  • 200 Mbps internet service
  • unlimited monthly data volume
  • American TV for all your devices
  • watch live, recorded, or on demand
  • no decoder or additional hardware required
  • online sign up for immediate activation
  • VAT-free service1
BOSS Entertainment
monthly 65.95 65.95

BOSS channel lineup

BOSS Entertainment has all of the major American broadcasters like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and The CW – all in high-definition. Plus, you don’t need a decoder or a set-top box. Just download the easyTV app and start watching.

Apps for watching BOSS Television

Download the easyTV app and start watching your favorite shows anywhere. The app includes a cross-platform DVR so that you can watch live, recorded or on demand anytime on all of your screens.

How to get connected

Learn more about how to activate the cable modem in your quarters and how to set up the easyTV app on your handheld devices.

BOSS internet
BOSS internet
Register for service and activate your broadband cable modem
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BOSS television
BOSS television
Set up the easyTV app for BOSS Entertainment on all of your mobile devices
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  • Where is BOSS Entertainment available?
    It's available in on-base in Germany, in military quarters for single service members such as barracks, dorms, and SSQs.
  • How do I sign up?
    You can sign up right here at this web page. We’ll turn you on and have your services up and running in just minutes!
  • How do I pay for BOSS Entertainment?
    With a credit card, either Master Card or Visa is accepted. While activating your service, you’ll also set up a reoccurring monthly payment so that your monthly bill will automatically be charged to your credit card. That means there’s no admin, writing checks, or standing in line to make a payment.
  • Do I need to buy any additional hardware?
    No, because WiFi-enabled cable modems are pre-installed in all SSQs so there’s nothing extra that you need to buy. All you need to do is connect your own gear – we’ll take care of the rest!
  • Can I get BOSS Entertainment in family housing?
    Unfortunately no, BOSS Entertainment is only available for single service members living in barracks, dorms, or other SSQs.
  • 1TKS provides services VAT free to U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) ID cardholders that qualify for a military tax exemption under the NATO Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA). If the customer does not have SOFA status, services will be charged with the applicable value-added tax. Third party services are not VAT exempt.
  • 2Standard dialing rates to the German fixed network apply.

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