Our whistleblower system: Speak Up!

At TKS, we want to know about any possible misconduct on the part of our employees, sales partners, or our suppliers. That is the only way that we can take corrective measures, and we have set up our whistleblower system for this purpose. This enables employees, sales partners, suppliers, and customers to report misconduct. If desired, reports can be submitted confidentially without having to provide your personal contact information.

These are the principles of our whistleblower system:

  • Whistleblowers can remain anonymous if desired.
  • We meticulously follow up on every report. Our investigations are completely confidential and only a small and carefully selected staff have access to the whistleblower system.
  • We protect whistleblowers and do not tolerate any form of pushback, hostility, or intimidation.
  • We operate under the presumption of innocence until a violation is proven. Our investigations are conducted in a fair and impartial manner.

Please bring to our attention any potential misconduct within our company or corporate environment. This is how you can help us to comply with our code of conduct.

How to submit a report

Please send us information via our digital whistleblower system known as “Speak Up” which is available 24/7. You may provide your contact details or remain anonymous – whatever you prefer. The system is confidential and secure and offers us the ability to communicate with you anonymously.

Reporting portal

In your report, be sure to describe the case as specifically and clearly as possible. Please provide concise details of the incident such as who, what, when, were, and why. The more information that we have, the better that we can investigate the case.

What happens to your report?

Our corporate investigation team follows up and investigates all submitted reports. If a reported incident is plausible and there is a valid suspicion of either internal or external wrongdoing, the team will investigate the case. When possible, you will be contacted if there are any further questions or if additional information is required. If misconduct or violations have been discovered, appropriate measures will be taken.