Serving those that serve

TKS was originally founded as the result of a 1988 military initiative developed by a senior level workgroup composed of USEUCOM (U.S. European Command), the U.S. Army Europe, and the U.S. Air Force Europe. The objective was to enrich the quality of life of U.S. service members stationed in Germany by supplying English-language television programming.

After an initial test phase in Bitburg, Sembach and Stuttgart, an agreement between the German Ministry for Post and Telecommunications and USEUCOM was executed in 1992. This partnership agreement is what led to the formation of TKS as a wholly owned subsidiary of DeTeKabel-Service Bonn. TKS was thereby charged with the task of providing U.S. service members and their families with cable television and other telecommunication services.

TKS rapidly became a European leader in the technical know-how required to interface between European PAL and American NTSC broadcast standards. Altogether more than € 30 million was invested in order to guarantee that all English-language programs, with licensing contracts from the respective U.S. companies, could be broadcasted.

Over the years, further technological advancements and an ever-expanding customer base led to the development of additional custom-tailored English language solutions. Today, TKS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vodafone and its products and services are now available throughout Germany – and also worldwide.

2022: 30 Years of TKS

In February of 2022, TKS celebrated its 30th anniversary of service to the U.S. military, proudly connecting service members and their families, and improving the quality of life of the overseas military community since 1992.

In 2022 TKS celebrates three significant anniversaries that have forged both its past legacy as well as its ongoing and future commitment to the U.S. military:

  • 30 years: serving the U.S. military
    Providing cost-effective and innovative solutions specifically designed to accommodate and enrich the lives of service members serving overseas.
  • 20 years: USO Sponsorship
    Donating products, services, and money to the USO since 2002 as a way of supporting and giving back to the military communities that both organizations proudly serve.
  • 10 years: USO Worldwide Strategic Partner
    In support of the USO’s global mission TKS has donated over $500,000 per year since 2012 as an elite USO Worldwide Strategic Partner, and also serves as a member of the USO Board of Governors.

Working in partnership with military leaders, the Exchange, USO, and its parent company Vodafone; TKS looks forward to drawing upon its three decades of experience in the future development and creation of innovative products and solutions for the U.S. military community in Germany – and across the globe.