easyConnect telephone and internet service

Feel closer to home with easyConnect.

  • no annual service contract
  • up to 500 Mbps download1
  • flat-rate internet with unlimited data
  • free USA calls 24/7
  • VAT forms accepted, save 19%
  • English billing & customer service
  • free 24-hour tech support hotline
  • Available Germany-wide, off-base and on-base.
easyConnect Get connected in Germany at your local TKS shop.
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  • Is it really €0.00 per minute to call my “home country”? What's the catch?
    There’s no catch, call all you want to your selected “home country” for 0 cent per minute 24/7 with easyConnect. The flat rate applies to voice calls to landlines, not for faxes or data connections. Please note that calls to USA cellphones and USA toll-free numbers are also free of charge, however calls to wireless networks in other countries (e.g. UK) are not included in the flat rate.
  • How long is the service contract?
    With easyConnect there’s no minimum contract duration. Keep your service as long as you like and cancel at your convenience.
  • Where is easyConnect available?
    easyConnect is available Germany wide both off-base and on-base, and also at Caserme Ederle in the USAG Vicenza.
  • What hardware do I need?
    You’ll need a preconfigured modem-router supplied by TKS and a standard analog telephone. To start surfing the web and making calls, all you need to do is connect your computer and telephone - that's it! The hardware is programmed to automatically initialize your service.
  • What happens if there is just not enough bandwidth where I live?
    TKS will inform you in writing of all the potential options available at your address.

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  • 1500 Mbps where technically feasible, other speeds are available. VAT exemption is exclusively for DoD entitled personnel in combination with the submission of VAT forms.
  • 2Standard fixed network dialing rates apply, a free call from the TKS fixed network.