internet, telephone, and television services starting at €39.95

easyConnect is the all-in-one home connection that offers fantastic value along with flexibility and convenience. Now with a wide selection of internet speeds and entertainmen upgrades, it's easier than ever to create a money-saving bundle that's just right for you.

  • exclusively for U.S. service members
  • available anywhere in Germany
  • off-base and on-base

It’s got everything you need

ultra-fast internet

Home internet service by TKS, available both off-base and on-base.

  • 50-1000 Mbps internet
  • unlimited monthly data
  • same-day activation (on-base)

free USA calls

Residential telephone service with free USA calls, from home and on your mobile phone with the myTKS app.

  • Mobile Global: USA €0.00/min.
  • Free calls to all German networks
  • Free calls to over 130 countries

American television

easyTV is real American television streamed live from the USA to all of your screens, at home and on the go.

  • easyTV app for all of your devices
  • includes three simultaneous streams
  • your choice of up to 78 channels

Bandwidth availability and TKS service plans can vary based on location, address, network type, and other technical factors.
Actual internet speeds can vary, many factors can impact speed including your device's performance, congestion, and the speed of individual websites.
Fair-use policy as well as other terms and conditions apply.

SPECIAL OFFER: easyConnect plus easyMobile
Save €20 every month

It's easy to save an additional €20 every month by bundling easyConnect MAX residential services with an easyMobile Giga 50 wireless plan. When you're getting connected at TKS, be sure to ask about all the different ways that you can save!

How to get connected

When you’re ready to get connected, visit a TKS shop at an Exchange near you, or give us a call and we’ll do your activation right over the phone.

Enjoy these standard TKS benefits

No annual contract

Services run on easy month-to-month basis, there’s no hidden charges or early cancellation fees.


I.D. card holders qualify for an automatic VAT exemption at TKS, no VAT forms are required.

English billing & tech support

It’s always English at TKS which means you’re in charge and there’s no misunderstandings.

Cost control

Integrated cost monitoring keeps you in control of your budget and monthly expenses.

Tune in to your favorites

easyTV is real American television that’s streamed live from the states direct to your television set – and to all of your mobile devices.

easyTV Smart channels


  • Where is easyConnect available?
    It’s available off-base and on-base anywhere in Germany.
  • Is there an annual contract?
    There’s no minimum contract duration at TKS, keep your service as long as you like and cancel at your convenience.
  • What happens if there is just not enough bandwidth where I live?
    If you live in a remote town or village that does not support our fastest internet connection, no problem, you can still get easyConnect with whatever is technically feasible. Prior to activation the line will be diagnosed for bandwidth availability and then we’ll let you know in writing what the options are at your address.