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easyTV STARZ is our premium movie option that's available with easyTV Smart and can also be combined with easyTV UP. With 13 STARZ movie channels it's the ultimate destination for Hollywood blockbusters and visionary original series.

  • real American television overseas
  • for your phone, tablet, PC, and TV
  • stream on up to three devices at once
  • tune in live, recorded, or on demand
  • integrated cloud DVR
  • exclusively for service members
easyTV STARZ & Smart
monthly 44.90 44.90

easyTV STARZ channels

easyTV upgrades

Discover more channels, move variety, and more entertainment with easyTV channel upgrades! When checking out, add an option to your subscription for even more convenience and viewing pleasure.

  • easyTV UP

    27 additional channels | 24 HD

    € 34.95
    easyTV UP

    27 additional channels | 24 HD

Bring on the entertainment!

Start watching in three easy steps

Step 1

Select an easyTV service plan and create a myTKS customer account.

Step 2

Download and install the easyTV app on all of your devices.

Step 3

Launch the app and log in – then pick a channel and enjoy watching!

Want more channels? You can add an upgrade to your subscription when checking out! If you want to add more channels later you can always reach out to TKS customer service to request a channel upgrade in addition to your easyTV Smart core service plan.

Want to register a set-top box? If you would like to register a set-top box please see the additional information on our set-up page.

easyTV apps

Use the links below to go to the app store for your mobile phone or tablet, direct downloads are available for the PC apps. All of your apps will be activated with a paid easyTV subscription.

How to set up easyTV

Learn more about how to install easyTV on all of your devices.

mobile and PC
mobile and PC
Install the easyTV app on all of your handheld devices
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Apple TV
Apple TV
Watch television on an Apple TV device
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easyTV set-top box Nokia
easyTV set-top box Nokia
Set up your easyTV set-top box.
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Amazon Fire TV
Amazon Fire TV
Watch television on an Amazon Fire TV streaming media player
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  • Can I get just the STARZ channels, without anything else?
    Our STARZ channel package is not available on its own. It’s an add-on that you can get in combination with easyTV Smart. It can also be combined with the easyTV UP channel upgrade.
  • Can you watch movies on demand?
    Yes. As with all easyTV channels, you can go back up to 7 days in the program lineup and watch whatever you’d like on demand, including STARZ movies and series.
  • Is it possible to make recordings?
    Yes, easyTV has an integrated cloud DVR which can record whatever program you’d like so that you can watch stuff at your convenience. Plus, you can set up either a single recording event or you can tell the DVR to automatically record all of the episodes in an entire season.

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