USO Partnership

An elite Worldwide Strategic Partner

Members of the armed forces and their families are devoted to serving their country, and their dedication and commitment requires a great deal of courage and self sacrifice. The United Service Organizations (USO) has been committed to supporting the moral and welfare of service members across the world since 1941.

TKS has been a USO partner for over two decades and is currently an elite “USO Worldwide Strategic Partner”, donating resources and funds valued at 1/2 million dollars per year. TKS is the only firm based outside of the U.S. to hold this honor. In support of the USO’s worldwide mission, TKS provides a broad range of telecommunication services and also partners with the USO on various projects. One noteworthy project is our partnership at the USO Warrior Center at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, which was designed to support wounded service members with the most technologically advanced connectivity while undergoing treatment and recovery.

Additionally, USO centers across Europe feature modern internet cafés, free WiFi, and live American television programming which are all provided by TKS. Together with the USO, TKS is dedicated to bringing service members and their families closer, by providing and donating the most advanced telecommunication services available.

Supporting the USO mission

We are extraordinarily grateful for the steadfast and enduring support we receive from our longtime USO Worldwide Strategic Partner, TKS.

In addition to direct USO Center support including free Internet and telephone access for our military to connect with family back home, our USO Centers, Europe-wide, to include at Incirlik Turkey and in more than a half dozen military training locations in eastern Europe are now equipped with, state of the art, easyTV.

This system provides the capability to stream TV directly from the United States, allowing service members and their families visiting our USO Centers or deployed in eastern Europe to watch their favorite American TV shows, sporting events, movies and up-to-date news.

We can also rely on TKS to continue their very generous support of our USO military community “Sun & Fun Day” family events, executed in Grafenwoehr, Kaiserslautern, Stuttgart and Wiesbaden military communities. These important end of summer family events bring thousands of military families together to enjoy a fun filled carnival-like day with games,  live entertainment and a great summer BBQ.

Simply said, our relationship with TKS is an absolute goodness multiplier. Ultimately, TKS’s untiring partnership helps us take the very best care of our military and their families by bringing home that much closer. Thank you TKS!

Walter Murren
Regional Vice President, USO Europe (retired)