Privacy concerning apps

Apps make your life easier and more colourful. However, at times you are unsure whether your data is being used in the way you want to? Find out how we use your data in our apps. And change the data protection settings as you see fit.

Data usage for services

You have our easyTV app or the TKS app? If so, we use your personal data in order to ensure that the app works in the way you expect it to. This concerns your login data and, for instance, information regarding which function you use within the app and for how long.

You want your apps to work. To allow us to troubleshoot any errors and disruptions, we occasionally have to use your personal data. This allows us, for instance, to identify when an app feature ceases to work or ceases to work properly. When we are checking systems that store your personal data, we will carry out our analyses as quickly and concisely as possible. After that, we will immediately delete your data.

We constantly improve our apps

You expect us to continuously improve our apps? We take great pleasure in doing so. We use only pseudonymised data to this end. This means that you are no longer identifiable from the data without specially protected additional information.

Access to your device

Your apps require access to certain functions and data on your device. We design our apps to only use the functions and data they really need. For each app we will inform you in detail as to the purpose and scope of such usage.

Data protection information regarding individual apps

Of course we also pay attention to data protection where our apps are concerned. Click here to learn more about data protection regarding our mobile apps.