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Basic Cookies

You visit our website and expect everything to work as it should? Of course you do. That is why we use cookies. These are small text files that we store on your computer or smartphone. They help you to comfortably navigate the website. They allow us, for example, to keep the content of your basket or your current order up to date.

Online Marketing Cookies

While viewing our or another website, have you ever come across an advertisement that is derived from your previous browsing history? The reason for this could be an online marketing cookie which has been saved to your computer or smartphone by us or an advertising partner. We provide only anonymous or pseudonymous data to our advertising partners.

Performance Cookies

Performance cookies allow us to evaluate whether our website is run in the right way. And allow us to identify areas in which we might improve. We measure, for example, the number of visitors to a particular page. We use only anonymous data to this end. It is not possible for you to be personally identified from this data.

Manage cookies the way you want to

You don't want any cookies? This will mean that some functionality will be lost when you are surfing the site. Despite that you still do not want any cookies? Go directly to the settings of your browser, for example Internet Explorer, Safari or Mozilla. Delete your cookies and disable the storage of cookies in the future.

Cookies are disabled

All cookies are disabled in your browser settings. This may restrict the use of our website. Please change your browser settings in order to enjoy all of our website functions.

TKS Newsletter

There is the possibility to subscribe for a free TKS newsletter. When registering for the newsletter data such as surname, first name, and email address are transmitted to us.

The TKS newsletter can only be received if the person concerned has a valid email address and the person concerned is registerd for the newsletter.

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