AFN HD is coming to easyTV

Free automatic upgrade for all easyTV subscribers

On Tuesday December 12, 2017, AFN television will transition to high-definition broadcasts. And in sync with AFN's European rollout, which starts at 00:00 midnight, TKS will implement an automatic free upgrade to easyTV.

For easyTV viewers the upgrade to AFN HD is going to be real easy. Just turn on your television set and start watching!

With easyTV, there's no need for a new "HD receiver". easyTV set-top boxes have always been fully HD-compatible and have provided viewers with a wide selection of commercial HD channels for many years. All available AFN HD channels will be added to the easyTV channel lineup, automatically replacing the SD channels, and will be included free-of-charge with all easyTV service plans.

easyTV | AFN HD channels

  • AFN Family/Pulse HD
  • AFN Movie HD
  • AFN News HD
  • AFN Prime Atlantic HD
  • AFN Prime Pacific HD
  • AFN Spectrum HD
  • AFN Sports HD
  • AFN Sports 2 HD

View the complete easyTV | AFN channel lineup here: <link file:193 download internal link in current>easyTV channels