Emergency Support for U.S. Service Members

TKS to provide emergency support for customers impacted by severe flooding

Heavy rains have led to massive flooding in areas of western Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Devastating flood waters have also affected residential areas surrounding Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany’s Eifel region, which is home to a large population of U.S. military personnel. In support of our military customers living in the region, TKS will be providing various emergency solutions.

Free emergency solutions
For those affected by a short-term displacement or evacuation, TKS will provide a full reimbursement commensurate with the customer’s evacuation period. A reimbursement for up to two months is possible. Furthermore, if an evacuation shelter or temporary housing facility does not offer internet service, TKS will provide those customers with a mobile Wi-Fi device paired with an unlimited data plan free of charge for a period of up to two months.

For those that must relocate as a result of complete and catastrophic damage, TKS will offer those customers an immediate cancellation of service along with a free relocation to a new address.

To exercise any of these emergency options, affected customers can contact us at the Spangdahlem TKS shop located on-base in the Spangdahlem Exchange Mall, or by calling our 24-hour customer service hotline at 0631 3522 499.

We realize that these measures alone cannot undo the hardships endured by those impacted by these events, however we hope that our continued and ongoing support in connecting service members and their families will bring a small measure relief to those in need.

Video courtesy of BBC News | ©2021 BBC