Erbendorf network upgrade

Internet and AFN television service upgraded at Erbendorf government leased housing.

On Tuesday August 14, 2018, Vodafone will implement a major technical upgrade to the telecommunication network that serves the Erbendorf leased housing area. The upgrade will provide increased stability and bandwidth with internet connection speeds of up to 400 Mbps.

As a result of the upgrade, analog AFN television service will be switched over to TKS’s digital entertainment platform. Thereafter, a digital receiver will be required to watch AFN programing. This migration to a digital delivery system aligns with AFN's global strategy of delivering high-definition programing to service members throughout the world.

AFN television goes digital
With this Vodafone network upgrade, all existing analog AFN broadcasts at Erbendorf will be discontinued. Instead, AFN HD channels will be provided through a digital streamed internet platform. Digital receivers can be obtained at any TKS shop on a monthly leased basis, there is no charge for AFN television service itself.

In addition to AFN television, Erbendorf residents that utilize the digital receiver will have more viewing options than ever before. (For those that already use a device there is no change.) Recent advancements in internet content delivery will be able to provide a wide variety of streamed American television programing to the community. Further information about all available options can be obtained at a TKS shop, located in your local Exchange.

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Should you have questions or concerns pertaining to the network upgrade at Erbendorf, please contact the TKS shop located in the Grafenwoehr Exchange.

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