FX, FXX, FXM: now on easyTV

Free upgrade for easyTV Gold and Platinum subscribers

Three of our favorite premium USA cable networks will be joining the easyTV channel lineup this summer: FX, FXX, and FXM. These channels will be provided as a free upgrade to easyTV Gold and Platinum subscribers. All three networks will be brought to you in high-definition across all easyTV platforms, you’ll be to tune in starting July 17, 2020. Just look for FX in your on-screen channel lineup which will updated automatically. We hope that you will enjoy watching!

Dramas, comedies, movies

With FX and FXX on easyTV, you can count on receiving even more of the best television entertainment while stationed overseas. For over 20 years, FX has produced a wide-ranging array of ground-breaking and provocative television programing that has won over both audiences and critics alike. There are returning favorites like American Horror Story, Archer, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and also limited mini-series events such as Mrs. America, American Crime Story, Trust, and many more.

The FX Movie channel or FXM is the destination for film fans. FXM features a broad selection of today’s biggest Hollywood blockbusters and also airs timeless classic movies.

Not receiving FX?

As a basic requirement, you do need to be an easyTV Gold or Platinum subscriber to receive the FX channel package. If not, you may request an immediate easyTV upgrade at any time by contacting the TKS service line: +49 631 3522 499 |

For viewers living on-base in Germany

If you live on-base in Germany, you may need to do one additional step if you’re still not receiving FX. Please do a manual a channel scan on your easyTV set-top box, here’s how:

  1. On your easyTV remote control, press the MENU key and then select Settings.

  2. Using your remote’s arrow keys, scroll up to Channel scan and then press the OK key on the remote.

  3. Confirm by pressing OK again and that’s it! When the channel scan is finished, FX, FXX, and FXM will be added to your on-screen channel lineup and you’ll be able to start watching.

With FX, FXX, and FXM now on easyTV you’ll receive even more value and entertainment options than ever before with a fantastic selection of movies combined with some of the most provocative, and talked-about television shows out there. Stay tuned and enjoy watching!