Modem upgrades at U.S. military installations in Germany

Rollout information for on-base residents


TKS modem installations will resume starting June 18, 2020, please see the updated schedule below.

COVID-19 precautions
For obvious reasons, all modem installations were placed on hold in March due to the unexpected emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. However at this time, TKS will carefully resume with the upgrade plan, and will do so using the most stringent local and military safety guidelines. From now on, technicians will employ all proven COVID-19 countermeasures including the use of face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers, and will be practicing social distancing at all times.

AUG 2019 – TKS will begin a Germany-wide upgrade of all cable modems that are currently installed in on-base housing units. The upgrades will be scheduled sequentially, one military installation at a time, until the entire network footprint across Germany has been upgraded.

TKS is installing next-generation DOCSIS 3.1 compliant devices that will offer on-base residents improved connectivity with enhanced security, increased Wi-Fi throughput, and higher bandwidth capacity.

The modem upgrade is part of our renewed tech reinvestment in military communities throughout Germany – so the good news is that this upgrade is going to be implemented completely free of charge.

Family housing: We need access!

In order to install the new TKS modems in family housing units, technicians will need access to your home. When your base has been scheduled, technicians will begin by going door-to-door in order to schedule installation appointments. On the day of your appointment, the installation itself will only takes about 10 minutes.

You may schedule an appointment at your convenience Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 and 18:00. Technicians will have approved documentation and can provide suitable identification.

TIP: Technicians have a tight schedule and will need to work fast and efficiently, therefore please be prepared to provide clear and unobstructed access to your existing modem.

Dorms, barracks, SSQs: No appointment needed

If you’re a single service member living in dorms or barracks, there’s no need to schedule an appointment or to be there during the upgrade. Your building manager will coordinate and supervise all of the work.


Kaiserslautern – Vogelweh housing
Status: ongoing

Kaiserslautern – Kapaun Air Station
Status: ongoing

Ramstein Air Base
Status: ongoing

Modem upgrade | What you need to do

  1. Your military base/housing area first must be scheduled for the upgrade, see above.

  2. Technicians will begin by canvasing all housing areas to schedule appointments. Installation appointments are available Mon-Fri, 9:00-18:00.

    NOTE: If no one is typically home during the day, please contact the TKS installation team directly to book an installation appointment.

    TKS Technical Services|Michael Vogel

    tel: 0631 3522 123
    Call weekdays Mon - Fri / 8:00 - 16:00

  3. Be home for the appointment to provide access, the work should take about 10 minutes (+/-).

  4. When completed your TKS services resume automatically.

How to connect to your new Wi-Fi

Your new cable modem will have a new Wi-Fi network name and a new Wi-Fi password.To connect to your new Wi-Fi network simply use the network name (SSID) and password (Preshared Key) listed on the back of the modem.

For additional details on connecting all of your gear to the ARRIS cable modem, please refer to our modem upgrade guide.

ARRIS TG3442 upgrade guide >>