Netzaberg network upgrade

Analog AFN television to be switched over to easyTV.

On Wednesday July 8, 2020 TKS parent company Vodafone Deutschland will implement a major technical upgrade to the telecommunications network that serves the Netzaberg leased housing area. The upgrade involves the integration into Vodafone’s high-speed fiber optic backbone which will in turn provide local residents with improved internet bandwidth and stability.

A good portion of Netzaberg was previously upgraded some time ago, however this final phase of the upgrade will encompass all outstanding homes in the area.

AFN HD over easyTV
With the Vodafone network upgrade, all existing analog AFN broadcasts at Netzaberg will be discontinued as the network will no longer support the distribution of this legacy broadcast specification. Instead, AFN HD channels will be provided through TKS’s digital entertainment platform known as easyTV in combination with an easyTV digital receiver. easyTV receivers can be obtained at any TKS shop, and are available for lease on a monthly basis. There is no charge for AFN television service itself.

If you have questions or concerns pertaining to the network upgrade at Netzaberg, please visit the TKS shop near you, or contact our customer service hotline.

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