OS update for all first-generation easyTV set-top boxes

Automatic updates will be phased in starting 19 October

[NOTE: This OS update applies only to certain easyTV customers which have already been notified via email.]

Starting Monday October 19, TKS will start broadcasting an automatic OS update to all “first-generation” easyTV set-top boxes.

The update will be automatically streamed directly to your set-top box, there will be no change to your current monthly service plan, and your current channel selection will remain the same.

IMPORTANT: Please do not interrupt the live update once it has begun, it may take some time to complete the download and installation process. If “Login failed” appears on your screen, press “OK” on your easyTV remote to reboot the device. When the updated is completed your service will automatically resume.

When your box has been updated, you will notice that your onscreen menus and navigation will have an all-new look. The new user interface has a streamlined, more intuitive layout that will make your viewing experience more enjoyable and easier than ever!

Information for easyTV DVR users

If you currently use the easyTV DVR, we have additional information concerning this update. TKS is required by our state-side content providers to periodically update easyTV’s broadcast encryption. This is something that quietly runs in the background is normally nothing that you need to worry about. However updating the system’s security encryption will mean that any DVR recordings made using the old system will not be supported and therefore will not be playable with the new system. We regret any resulting inconvenience and appreciate your understanding in this matter.

We thank you for choosing easyTV and look forward to bringing you some brand new features with your newly updated easyTV OS.