TKS at the White House

Celebrating the 4th in Washington D.C.

Kaiserslautern American

July 15, 2022 | Volume 46, Number 28

This year, TKS was invited to participate in the Independence Day celebration at the White House in Washington D.C. President Biden and the First Lady honored two TKS executives, TKS CEO Patrick Abram, and COO Axel Gruen, with an invitation to the annual event in recognition of TKS’s long-term service to the U.S. military communities in Germany – and across the globe in partnership with the United Service Organizations (USO).

“Independence Day at the White House was an incredible experience and complete honor for me both personally and as a representative of TKS and the USO” says TKS CEO Patrick Abram. “President Biden and the First Lady have always been very supportive of the USO and I truly appreciated their warm invitation and their recognition of our work in improving the quality of life of active-duty military personnel and their families.” Mr. Abram is member of the USO Board of Governors which oversees and guides the USO’s operations on a local and global level.

This year TKS is celebrating 30 years of service, proudly providing essential telecommunication services along with tech and entertainment solutions to service members stationed overseas. TKS is also celebrating its 20th year as a corporate sponsor of the USO and 10 years as an elite Worldwide Strategic Partner donating over $500,000 per year in support of the USO’s mission. Visit the TKS website to learn more about TKS’s partnership with the USO and about their ongoing anniversary celebration.

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