TKS customer rewards

Send a friend and start earning rewards today!

For each TKS customer referral that you make you'll receive an automatic €5.00 credit on your next monthly statement. You earn paybacks for each and every signup. When someone you've referred signs up for easyTV, easyConnect, or easyMobile service – you'll earn rewards. The more referrals that you make, the more paybacks you'll receive. Send some friends and start earing rewards today!

Earning rewards is easy – just send some friends!
Know someone that needs to get connected? Then send them to your nearest TKS shop for service and you’ll earn bonus rewards. The more people you refer to TKS – the more you’ll earn!

Rewards step-by-step:

  1. Tell a friend to sign up for TKS services.
  2. Direct them to the nearest TKS shop.
  3. When your friend gets a TKS service, you’ll automatically earn customer rewards! Be sure your friend mentions your name so that we can credit your account

Unfortunately it is not possible to award bonus rewards after the fact. Therefore, be sure that your friend mentions your name at the time of signup and also knows your address. This information is used to lookup your individual TKS customer account and then apply your customer rewards.