VAT relief

Beginning January 2020, TKS will be able to offer qualified U.S. ID card holders VAT-free billing – without having to submit a VAT form each and every month. We’ll subtract the 19% German sales tax directly from your bills, and you’ll automatically save every month at TKS.

Which TKS services qualify for VAT relief?

VAT relief is available for all products and services provided or sold by TKS within Germany, including easyConnect, easyMobile, and BOSS Entertainment. TKS is authorized to provide VAT relief on all native TKS products, such as monthly fees, telephone calls, options, and device financing plans.

easyTV always was and will continue to be completely VAT free by virtue of being U.S. military exclusive.

What’s not VAT free?

Third-party charges do not qualify for a VAT exemption. This can include calls to premium telephone numbers or purchases made through another service provider. Taxable items are always clearly listed on your invoice. As a rule of thumb, just remember that if it’s not a TKS service it is not authorized for a VAT exemption.

USAbroadTV which is expressly for non-military personnel does not qualify for VAT relief.

Eligibility requirements

Please consult your local military VAT office if you have any questions concerning your individual eligibility or entitlements. Generally, TKS can provide VAT relief to all entitled U.S. ID card holders with Exchange purchasing privileges:

  • active-duty service members
  • entitled U.S. DoD personnel
  • entitled military retirees

Register for VAT-free billing

The are two ways to register for the new VAT relief program. Here online utilizing your Shop my Exchange account, or in person at any TKS shop.

Register online using your Exchange account

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Register in person at a TKS shop near you

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