easyTV set-top box Nokia

easyTV set-top box: Nokia edition

These instructions apply to our Nokia version-2 set-top box which was released in March 2024 and is currently available for purchase at TKS shops in Germany. If you do not have a Nokia set-top box, please visit our TechniSat set-top box page >

How to set up your set-top box

STEP 1: Sign up and get a box

Get easyTV service here online or at a TKS shop, set-top boxes are available at TKS shops located in Germany at your local Exchange.

STEP 2: Connect and configure

Connect your set-top box and then get it set up using our dedicated instruction guide.
easyTV setup guide >

STEP 3: Tune in and enjoy

After completing the initial setup, your set-top box will be ready to go, whenever you need it. Just turn it on, and enjoy watching!

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Download the easyTV apps included with your subscription

Visit this page on a compatible mobile phone, tablet, or desktop PC to download and install the easyTV app.


  • 1Standard dialing rates to the German fixed network apply.