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Register your box and let the entertainment begin!

If you’ve purchased an easyTV set-top box at a participating Exchange, this is where you can learn more about activating the device. You need to purchase an easyTV monthly subscription and register your box in order to watch. easyTV is exclusively for U.S. ID card holders and requires authentication using a valid ShopMyExchange account.

Why use an easyTV set-top box in the first place? Because when connected to a large-screen television, it provides the best overall viewing experience. With the included remote control, you’ll have quick and easy access to features like being able to pause a live TV broadcast, start a DVR recording, display the EPG, navigate the timeline – all that good stuff is just a click away.

As an added bonus, you will also receive AFN HD television programing which is generally only available with a set-top box device.

Plus, the easyTV app for mobile devices is also included free of charge with your set-top box subscription. You’ll find additional instructions on downloading and setting up the app at the mobile devices page>>

How to activate your set-top box

In minutes you’ll be watching the top USA television networks.

STEP 1: Choose a plan

Start by selecting a service plan. Then you’ll be guided through process of setting up a myTKS customer account. When promoted, carefully enter the device’s unique serial number.

STEP 2: Connect the box

Get your set-top box connected using the cables provided in the retail package: power cord, HDMI cable, and LAN cable. An illustrated setup guide is included.

STEP 3: Start watching

Turn on your set-top box and your television and make sure that you’ve selected the set-top box as the signal source to your television set. Then just pick a channel and enjoy watching!

Download the easyTV apps included with your subscription

Visit this page on a compatible mobile phone, tablet, or desktop PC to download and install the easyTV app.


* The dollar amount displayed is non-binding and should be used for reference purposes only, the daily exchange rate applied to your invoice can vary. Today’s exchange rate is provided by the European Central Bank.