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Watch easyTV on your phone, tablet, and PC

easyTV GO and easyTV set-top subscriptions include all of our mobile apps. easyTV GO however also includes the app for Amazon Fire TV, you can learn more about this app at the Amazon Fire TV page>>

The easyTV app is available at Google Play and at the Apple App Store, you’ll find links for both platforms below. We’ve also provided direct download links for the PC apps. The easyTV app is always free to download but can only be activated in combination with a valid monthly subscription.

How to install the app

In minutes you’ll be watching real American television – just like home.

STEP 1: Choose a plan

Activate your subscription by selecting an easyTV service plan. When your myTKS account setup is completed, we’ll send you an email with the passwords for all of your apps.

STEP 2: Get the easyTV app

Use the links below for Apple and Android devices or just search for easytv (one word, no spaces) at your app store. Use the direct download below for your Mac or Windows PC.

STEP 3: Start watching

Launch the app and log in using the credentials that we’ve provided. If you select “Remember me” you’ll only have to do this once. Now pick a channel and enjoy watching!

Shop for an easyTV service plan

easyTV app downloads

Visit this page on a compatible mobile phone, tablet, or desktop PC to download and install the easyTV app.


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