easyConnect & easyMobile data protection

No matter where you use the telephone or surf the internet, we will delete your data in the required way. Any data relating to telephone connections will be deleted no later than 6 and usually 3 months after your invoice has been sent. And data relating to your internet sessions no later than 7 days and usually straight after the end of your session. By the way, itemised bills are also available in short form. Would you like a little less?

Your data - your choice

Telephone directory

You wish to be included in the telephone directory? You choose how detailed you want the entry to be. Do you want directory enquiries to use your entry? You do not wish other users to be able to find you using your telephone number? It’s your choice. We will amend your entry for you.

Itemised bills

You would like to receive an itemised bill? Choose whether you wish to see complete telephone numbers of outgoing calls or telephone numbers without the last three digits. You may make this choice at the time you enter into the contract or at any time after that.

Block caller ID

You do not want the person you are calling to see your telephone number? Disable this feature – either permanently or on a case-by-case basis. Directly on your device.

Trap and trace

You are receiving harassing or even threatening phone calls? You can instruct us to install a trap and trace device. This means that we will store the details of future telephone calls for a limited period of time. We will provide you with a written report on this.

Your contact details for advertising purposes

You are our customer and have already acquired one of our products? If so, we will use your telephone number and your postal and email address to send you information via SMS, MMS, post and email for purposes of advice, advertising our own similar offers and market research. You may object to the use of your telephone number and addresses for this purpose at any time. It’s your choice how to do this: either write us a letter or use your data protection service online. You may access all contact details and other information regarding your data protection rights under “privacy dialog”.

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Privacy information for easyConnect & easyMobile

You have an internet or telephone contract with us? We will primarily use your customer data in order to fulfil the contract entered into with you. This includes sending you letters and activating the right products for you. This personal data is what is known as your "inventory data". In order to troubleshoot any disruptions to your connection, we also store internet traffic data such as your IP address. You expect to receive an accurate telephone bill? Of course you do. To this end, we store telephone traffic data such as the start and the end of your calls as well as the person you have spoken to. We also use your inventory and traffic data to identify and prevent any misuse of our products. You use a mobile phone for your calls and to surf the internet? We use your location data and the entries in your address book to connect your calls and establish your connections.

Deleting & blocking your inventory data

We will delete your inventory data after the contract has ended, but not immediately. The law requires that we retain this data, e.g. for any company audits. They may be archived for up to 10 years. After that we will permanently delete your data. In the meanwhile, we will block it. This means that only a very limited number of staff are able to access the data if required. The period of blocking starts at the end of the year following that in which the contract ends.

Deletion of your other customer data

There is no period of blocking for traffic and location data. We will delete these immediately upon expiry of the storage periods. Internet traffic data and usage data will be deleted no later than after 7 days. Your telephone traffic data will be deleted immediately if it is no longer relevant for invoicing purposes, and no later than 3 months after the invoice has been issued. We will delete your itemised bill after 6 months at the latest.

Additional important topics concerning data privacy