TKS upgrades to digital cable television broadcasts at all on-base government housing in Germany this September

Analog AFN broadcasts will be switched-over to DVB-C

This September, TKS will modernize and upgrade the on-base cable television network at all installations throughout Germany. At this time analog AFN cable TV programing will be switched-over to the digital broadcast standard DVB-C (digital video broadcast - cable).

The upgrades will be phased-in at different dates at all government housing facilities throughout Germany including barracks, dorms, and family housing, per the schedule below.

NOTE: There will be no change to the AFN channel lineup, and all AFN channels will continue to be broadcast free-of-charge. However the upgrade will lead to some temporary service outages, and a channel scan will be required when the upgrade has been completed in your area. Please download our factsheet for additional technical information.

We thank you for your support and look forward to bringing you all of your favorite television entertainment – using our new digital broadcast platform!

Download the TKS Factsheet