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easyMobile 5G is the ultra-fast wireless service that’s a perfect match for your active military lifestyle, and is available VAT-free for I.D. card holders. Discover how easy it is to stay in touch with these standard features:

  • unlimited calls and texts Germany
  • high-speed 5G data up to 1 Gbps
  • VAT-free / no annual contract
  • EU roaming included
  • rollover monthly data
  • English billing and customer service

At TKS you can create the perfect service bundle for your individual needs, and enjoy big savings every month.

easyMobile service plans are based on Vodafone GigaMobile.
Standard activation fee: €29.95 per line.
Giga Unlimited: includes unlimited domestic data, 75 GB/mo in EU mobile networks, data rollover is not applicable.

  • Connected with easyMobile Giga 50 family

    Connected with easyMobile Giga 50 family

    free activation | flexibility | customizable

    Get connected with easyMobile Giga 50 family and save every month on additional lines as you need them. You can mix-and-match any of our easyMobile voice plans based on your family’s needs. 

    For a limited time, activation of your additional lines is free of charge so you’ll save €29.95 with each family member, all of our standard easyMobile features and TKS benefits are always included.

    Your main line: easyMobile Giga 50 family | €59.95/mo | €29.95 onetime activation
    additional linesyour savingsactivation fee*
    easyMobile Giga 5€5.00 monthlyfree: save €29.95
    easyMobile Giga 12€5.00 monthlyfree: save €29.95
    easyMobile Giga 25€10.00 monthlyfree: save €29.95
    easyMobile Giga 50€20.00 monthlyfree: save €29.95
    easyMobile Giga Unlimited€10.00 monthlyfree: save €29.95

    *Free activation is available for a limited time only.

We’re not kidding around!

easyMobile Kids is available for family members that are 17 and under in combination with an easyMobile Giga 25, 50, 50 family, or Unlimited service plan.

How to get connected

TKS shops

Visit a TKS shop in Germany conveniently located in a military Exchange near you.

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Signup line

Call us Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00 (CET), remote activation takes less than 30 minutes.

+49 631 3522 499

WhatsApp activation

Text us Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00 (CET) to start a conversation and get connected.

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easyMobile FAQ

  • I’m out of country, can you activate my phone remotely?
    Yes we can. Reach out with our signup line over the phone or WhatsApp for a personalized consultation. We’ll assist you in first selecting the right service plan and then we’ll activate your phone – wherever you are.
  • For the Family discount, do you have to sign up for Giga 50 service?
    Yes, the easyMobile Giga 50 family plan is always the initial line. Once you have that, you can add more lines for each of your family members at any time. The family discounts are then automatically applied to your monthly statement.
  • I need more data, can I upgrade my service plan?
    Yes. You can upgrade your easyMobile service plan at any time free of charge, the upgrade typically goes into effect immediately. Please note that there is a fee associated with downgrades so it’s always a good idea to consult with a representative to find the best upgrade path for your particular needs.
  • Is there an annual contract with easyMobile?
    There is no minimum contract duration or automatic renewal with our wireless service plans. Like all TKS services, easyMobile runs an easy month-to-month basis and can be cancelled at any time.

All prices listed are VAT-free unless otherwise noted. VAT exemption is available exclusively to qualified I.D. card holders only. Additional information can be found at the TKS VAT relief page.